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A Short Story by Me (untitled yet)

This story still needs some editing, but since I haven’t posted in a while, I will go against my good judgement as a writer and share this with you anyway. I will, of course, eventually ¬†edit it. Comments are always welcomed.


There wasn’t much Peter could do about it. Everything he had tried had yielded no pleasant results. Everything, yes, except for what he was about to do now.

Of course, he couldn’t do it everytime he wanted. No. He had to be alone. He always checked his parents were at the office and Jen was at school.¬†Dunno what they’d do to me if they found out, Peter thought.

When the kettle began to sing like a pipe whistle, he turned off the stove and poured some tea. Two cups.

Waiting for him on one chair was Tom. He had decided to name him after one of his previous classmates from school. Peter sighed at the thought of Tom. He had been a real friend some time ago. It was a pity he had had to move away. A whole jury had taken part in that decision. And a judge had approved at court. The real Tom, wheresoever he was, could probably never imagine what Peter was up to.

Peter sat at the table and sipped some tea. The doll that sat motionless in fron of him, with uncooked noodles instead of hair and two green buttons for eyes, stared at him with an empty look of plastic and a fake smile.

‘Hi, friend’ said Peter, and sipped some more tea.